Separation and Suffering


Today’s quote to reflect upon before my daily yoga session was “All conflict springs from the idea of false duality.”  Separation is at the root of all suffering.  I reflect on my yoga students’ discomfort in forward bends, which I now find deeply relaxing.  I think because my early morning sessions are cultivating a feeling of present-ness, I note I only find discomfort when my mind scurries to my next task.  This separateness from the now creates stress (i.e., “suffering”).

To light my way on my journey of 365 days of yoga and meditation, my husband took me to Avalon (the local Wiccan shop) to buy some candles so I could have an outdoor altar tomorrow (sort of an “official” start day).  We had just come from a lovely walk in a beautiful park, Mead Gardens, which began with a stroll and then we settled under a tree overlooking the pond.  I danced while he played guitar.  This spot, sacred to me, allowed me to channel my internal Na’la (a beloved friend and teacher who lives up North now).  Indeed, good omens were present as I found an eagle’s feather on the ground.  At Avalon, surrounded by copious rich earthy scents of patchouli and sage, I picked out a 7-day candle in all the colors of the chakra, a white sage candle for purity and cleansing, and a green sweetgrass candle for abundance and sweetness.  Tomorrow, my altar will be opened with the candles, the feather, and a good hour long yoga session.

I have felt suffering and separation lately, wanting magickal moments to strike me again  I know the answer is inside me, that I cause myself some stress.  I’m hoping to rekindle mindfulness and simple joy as I move about my day without rush or worry, letting go of things I cannot control and not seeking to add more to my plate.  Here starts my journey.  Day 1.  October 26.

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