today adagio

“Each time we come to the mat, we have an opportunity to work the entire path, moment by moment. As we move through the postures we are constantly enacting each aspect of the path. Our bodies, our breath, our minds, and our choices are being refined in the laboratory that is our yoga mat. As this symphony becomes established on our mats, it becomes established in our lives as well.” -Rolf Gates, Meditations from the Mat (Day 3)

Yin yoga is incredibly deep,
slowness like mud,
tight muscles stretched unwillingly
until they
and the mind–
oh, the mind–
going wild,
in the thickness of life’s haranguing
trying to find something else to do.

In yoga, we must actually do everything all the time. That is what Day 3 reading was all about, like a symphony. We do it in beauty, regardless of our tone because one part is blending in with another, and in the end, though not perfect, it actually is thus. I love the idea that we practice all the the limbs of the eight-limb path at once, just as in the magickal pagan world I live, each thread is connected and interwoven into all the threads that connect us in unseen and unknown and amazing ways. Today’s yoga practice was just that: magickal. Difficult, simple, needed, and a symphony, a strand in the never-ending flow of daily life.

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