Day 110 – Rolf begins with the idea that we are not present, though we strive to be. He writes: “Having lost our innocence [on the journey called yoga], having found the truth somehow unbearable, we have learned to escape into our imaginations…caught up in a matrix of resentments and desires, we sleepwalk through our days, imagining positive and negative outcomes for events that will never come to pass.”
I find it interesting that the latter part of this passage was highlighted last year (the only passage highlighted). I’ve been through the visionboard phase, the magick manifestation to lead to success, the journaling and planning stage of something bigger, and the self-help courses to organize and declutter, and yet here I am again at the “never come to pass” part.
Rolf asks: “As you walk through your day, how often do self-doubt, fear and judgment of others occur in your imagination, and how often do they occur in the present?” And, how often is that judgment directed inwardly, I might add? Peace, he intimates, comes from being actually fully present in the moment, where “our spirit lives.” Our evolution, “ascension” (my newfound study word), our peace depends upon our presence in moments off the mat, as well.

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