FB and Presence

Day 130 – Rolf likes the Einstein quote so much he uses it twice in his continuing writings on purusartha, four aims of life, most likely to emphasize that even Einstein had to remind himself “a hundred times a day to have the proper perspective.” From Einstein to my many friends on FB to my own life, everyone is posting, talking, thinking about being present in the moment to enjoy the little things. It helps me to be reading a lot of books to remind me to enjoy the little things and, as reading as one of my little pleasures, it reinforces this message.
Rolf states: “Yoga tells us quite plainly that an aim in life is to be the one who is doing the work.” Am I doing whatever it is to bring a positive perspective into my life, to sustain it? Am I willing to act on my beliefs? To this point, FB has become a way to feel as if we are acting on our beliefs (with posts), but, in truth, for me, it is pointless and truly a waste of energy, just as fixating on POTUS tweets and newsfeeds are, in most regards. Notice that I say, “to me.” I am trying hard not to pass judgment on others, but put FB in perspective, as it is truly a huge time suck for me, and one of my little pleasures. To keep it so, I need to put things in perspective.
Obviously, I could do without FB, and I have begun to look for ways to decrease my presence on it while being healthy with it. I’m sure in the end FB posts and perusing won’t contribute mightiily to my four aims of life, but then again, isn’t it now where I am at? As I foment my future endeavors, make my lists of want-to-accomplish and continue to learn about new things, FB plays a role. I think of all the dancers and yogi friends near and far away and the small part I have in their day and they in my day. That makes me happy. We are truly a global society.
In any case, this reflectionwas not intended to be about FB at all, but in Rolf’s reading lay the kernel of you-have-to-do-the-work. Yes, you have to do the reflection, do the practice, do the right thing on and off the mat, AND you have to figure out what that is and if it is aligned to your spirit. It is not enough to just take a yoga class for me, but that may not be so for others. My continued practice on and off the mat give me much insight and balance and tools for dealing with the stuff that I experience on the flip side of FB and in life.

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