Come into the moment.

Day 141 – Today’s reading is about coordination. Rolf relates a story about his wife, who was not an athlete, who grew up thinking and acting as if she were a klutz until she started practicing yoga. Just as yesterday, the main point is to show up, do the work, and let go of preconceived notions of who we are in our physical body.
To the first point, Rolf writes: “Labels become internalized and eventually sad things happens. The ‘klutz’ simply gives up on her or his body, and the negative belief becomes a reality.” As I struggle with self-image and food issues today (and most of my life), it is sometimes challenging to achieve a balanced and healthy outlook at times, even though Rolf urgests us not to “accept the pronouncements made upon us twenty, thirty, forty years ago.” I find it more challenging when I’m not at a comfortable weight (which I’m not now) that the labels–self-pronounced, implied or even stated by others–don’t stick to my forehead.
We create our reality and we can change our thoughts; however, words do harm and their attached feelings stick to us. To this degree, the entire book is dedicated to letting such things go through the yamas and niyamas. Rolf teaches us to “come into the moment, let go of the past, free your body, free your mind, free your heart–and allow grace to happen.”

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