Good with the Bad

Day 143 – “There is another education waiting for you, and that the teacher will be your heart.” Today’s reading is about learning. My coach from CrossFit lost his dad last night. Life is full of death and birth. If I’ve learned anything about myself through yoga, it is to carry, nurture, and communicate love. Life is short. Make time.

Day 144 – Today’s reading is about staying the course, through good and bad times. Rolf writes of his experience in the Army, going from being stationed in upbeat post-Cold War, Berlin Wall Germany to preparing for war. He writes: “We set upon a course, and then we must be prepared to take the good with the bad. It is through the acceptance of difficulty that we gain mastery.” He assures us that “we can do both, as we practice yoga and as we practice life, learning to give ourselves up to whatever the moment brings.”

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