Boredom and positive reintegration

Day 149 – With not a moment to spare in the Altensee household, I worked a short 15-minute practice in while Fred and Nina were at Clemmons, before CF, this morning. Clemmons shopping is a ritual for the girl, as she is tactile in her shopping, touching each particular fruit or vegetable and wending her way around Clemmons.
Today’s reading was on the second sutra concerning asana, translated as “Posture becomes firm and relaxed through control of the natural tendencies of the body, and through meditation on the infinite.” It was an invitation by Rolf to invite us to develop a new habit around boredom. He writes: “Instead of reacting to it or supressing it, we can simply include it in our process. In so doing, I am taking a step back. I am shifting my focus from the problem to the solution.”
This was an interesting read today after a Saturday spent in Gifted Endorsement classes. The teacher, well-intentioned, censors the “talkers” in our classes–and by “talkers” I don’t mean people having side-conversations; she means the ones (like me) who are engaged and actively participating in the class. It’s hard for me to disengage and having an active and robust discussion about topics in the class and how they relate in the classroom and in life is one way that I combat boredom because–let’s face it–professional development repeats about 90% of what you’ve already had before, especially if you have been an instructor or facilitator.
Today’s yoga practice was to put into some of the fundamentals of Forrest yoga in a flow: active hands and feet, telescoping ribs, relaxed neck along with an active ujjayi breath–none of which I don’t already know intimately, just need to look at in a new way. Gifted class is something I try to look at in a new way, and unexpectedly, I learned something new and provocatively applicable in the theory of positie disintegration, where psychological tension and anxiety are necessary for growth–ascension, self-actualization, etc. I am working through this on the mat today, probably in teaching my class, as well.

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