Spiritual Evolution


Day 170 – I woke up today sore and tired from an already long week in school and evenings of activities (volleyball, soccer, and gifted endorsement classes). My body craved movement that was slower, so I popped in an old Piyo instructor DVD and did most sections of it (not the plyometrics of the planks–I did enough of that this week!). It was very challenging, even with modifications–beause, you know, my knees don’t bend the way they used to–but I did it and it lasted a good hour. My favorite part is, of course, the stretch at the end, so I added in a little more yoga practice there and popped inside to have my cup o’ coffee and do my reading.

Today’s reading is about spiritual growth. Rolf writes about Krishnamurti’s approach toward our life’s aim of being spiritual evolution, retelling his words: “We do not learn from experience; rather we learn from the experiences we choose to learn from.” Rolf continues to write about how yoga is a means for cultivating personal responsibility for our spiritual evolution. He offers some great kernels of wisdom, adding on to yesterday: “Begin to see your entire life as your spiritual practice. Whether it is is thanking the person who opens the door for you, giving a good tip to your waiter, or the hours you spend sweating on the mat, embrace your place in the moment with all your heart.”

I think today I got there with Piyo. I did not judge myself for not being able to do all the moves. It has taken a long, long time for me to realize that I don’t need to muscle through everything just because I can and when to tenure mental blocks and physical blocks in the activities I enjoy. I think with crossfit it is easy–movements give you immediate feedback which is right there through pain (not discomfort). Yoga postures tend to allow the inflexible to find a path around through malalignment or complete inability. My next attempt at making the old and familiar new again will be dance. From this journey I have learned that nowness and presence doesn’t come from force, but from letting go of judgments, expectations, timelines, attitudes, and past experiences.

Letting go yields evolution.

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