The science and art of magical stuff.

Love is cure,
Love is power,
Love is the magic of changes.
Love is the mirror, of divine beauty!
                                   – Rumi
Day 188 – Today’s reading is about how Rolf’s student practiced yoga for a month and was cured of FCBD. Rolf asserts that his student was doing all the right things in her application of yamas and niyamas on the mat, which “facilitated an immediate and profound experience of sauca.” Rolf also describes this of “deep cleaning of her body and emotions, which is supported by a shift in her relationship with herself.”
Part of me thinks it cannot be that simple. Yoga has not cured me of any of my hormonal issues and, although they have not been worsened by yoga, I haven’t experienced that deep cleansing of my body or emotions. Yoga is not a cure to medical issues, only a gradual letting go of our attachment and fear.
Yet, again, there is a part of me that recognizes the magic of yoga, the wordless miracles that occur on the cellular level, the mysterious science and art behind yoga. Teaching can be so, too. It is a wordy, messy, organic art and science that defies the neat little box that we try to put things in. Deeply rooted in the collective actions and realities of the human world, teachrumi-quoteing draws upon symbols and routines that are ancient and good. Yoga, too, does the same. They both can be looked at, dissected, and judged by different paradigms, but in the end the magic of deep cleaning–healing and letting go of old ideas–occurs on many levels, not just the mind and body.  Much of this magical art and science involves another wordless infinitely encompassing thing–Love.
Sauca to me is going about the routines that sustain practice and facilitate letting go, and as in yesterday’s post, each person’s idea and practices toward purity are individual and, hopefully, involve the yamas and niyamas. Today, I will consider these ancient and good symbols and practices that create the wordless/wordy magic that goes with yoga and teaching flow.

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