Don’t walk the river.


Day 207 – Today’s reading is about how yoga slowly uncovers the genuine self. Asana allows us to relase layers of tension or tightness over time, but it is still a process. Even though we are striving to get “there,” we don’t truly land “there.” I think of it more like we “become” there, moving out of isolation and into a sustainable space that neither is in flux or is fixed, just is.
What we work, through asana and off the mat, is the layers that have become our thoughts and movements to find the something that never changes, our stillness, ourselves. Asmita is thinking we are the changes–the job title, the pose we got into, the weight we lifted, or the weight we are on the scale–identifying with these things. Over time, we become separated from our true nature and the stillness and peace that is possible without going anywhere. Mindset is everything.

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