Connect to the real.

Day 209 – Today is about living in the present with big dreams. Big dreams of a specific posture on the mat. Big dreams of a specific yearly income. Big dreams of a paticular outcome. Rolf warns us that “desire is the wish for things to be not as they are.”
Is it possible to have aspirations ? How is this possible? Rolf answers: “In a culture that reveres progress, working with things as they are sounds depressingly like fatalism. Did Martin Luther King Jr. work with things as they are? Did Helen Keller work with things as they are? Well yes, they did actually. Dwelling in the real, individuals who accomplish great deeds demonstrate what is possible, demonstrate how things are.”
However, Rolf also wa10452387_10202238660833878_4029342841856597943_nrns us that “fatalism begins when we leave the present, when we forsake the real in favor of our imaginations.” Connecting to what is, accepting it (and thereby the challenge), leads to understanding and therefore, mastery. For the creative person in me, the improv gal, this is so interesting. Improv dance is such an example of keeping it real but dreaming big. There’s such a lesson in the structure and the vocabulary and planning and organicness of tribal improv that makes this reading make sense.

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