Rewriting History

Day 232 – Today’s reading is all about the deep front line, which “represents the interface between the ‘gut body’ and the neuromotor chassis.”  To summarize the opening quote (Thomas Myers), it provides the connection of healthy communication to our respiratory, circulartory, digestive, eliminatory, and sexual systems, which are “so vast, and manifest so individually” that (in a nutshell) we are reduced, as teachers and practitioners, to merely point this out to our students (and to ourselves).

Rolf opens his passage today, writing:  “The deep front line is the place in our phhysiology in which the aspect we have control over, the musular-skeletal system, connects to the aspect we don’t, our internal organs.”  He concludes with a recommendation to us in order to open this profound and diverse connective tissue:  “Te inclusion of a sequence of back bends in your daily practice inaugurates a profound change in your own physical destiny. With this change comes a host of positive challenges.  You are rewriting history.”

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