this we haveDay 234 – Today’s reading relates our fibrous connective tissue to virtually everything.  Rolf shares B.K.S. Iyengar’s views on this, writing:  “Where does the body end and the mind begin?  Where does the mind end and the spirit begin?  They cannot be divided, as they are interrealted and but different aspects of the same all-pervading divine consciousness.”  Rolf explains in this reading how asana practice is a “level of consciousness that we bring to bear on the ubiquitous whole of this fibrous net” that we call connective tissue.  He points out that we are “eveloped from head to toe by fasica” and “every fiber, every cell becomes a part of the mind, or realized, or remembered as part of the mind.”

In Meditations on Intention and Being, Rolf explains in “The Felt Experience” (Day 18) that yoga is a “way for human beings to remember how to feel if something is true.”  This is both remedial and cosmic, he explains, learning to reflect rather than react to the simplicity of each moment.  Rolf continues, writing:  “The process of sitting and breathing has allowed me to develop my ability to be with a feeling and to let it reveal itself to me in its own time.”  It is in great part due to meditation and asana practice I, too, have learned how to be in this world, to let my fears reveal themselves to me, so that I might actually live my dreams and reclaim health and hapiness, which is ubiquitous in itself.

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