Day 246 – Today’s reading is about living in the present moment in order to take the right action when it is necessary.  We learn and practice this through asana; Rolf writes, “as we breathe into a posture, we bring it all together–our undersanding of the problem (we do not understand who we are), our understanding of the solution (open attention in the present will reveal the truth), nonviolence, devotion, dedication without attachment.” All of these things become part of my practice over time and seem to highlight the importance of a personal practice as a yoga teacher.

How does this playout in my experience? Intuition comes to mind.  I think of my challenges, my problems, my worries, and my fear.   Why do I practice daily?  Why do I continue reading through these books and reflecting?  Why do I use meditation as a form of practice?  Intuition.   As such, Rolf writes that “our practice is to be present so that we can make the connection between the moment we are in now and the right action as it is defined by our life philosophy.”  It is through my practice, my continued study of these words of Rolf’s and my own self, that I can intuitively make relevant, kind, and nonattached decisions from a present place.  Who knows better than what is good for me than me?

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