The Whole Encilada


We are practicing asana to realize our divinity, enact it in this lifetime, and share it with all beings.  By dedicating our practice to this end, we are affirming big, believing big, praying big, and allowing big things to happen.”  -Rolf Gates, Day 254

When is yoga more than yoga?  Rolf describes “mountain madness” in Meditations on Intention and Being (Day 27) as  a “seeking” phase, the “final playing out of our faith in materialism…the direct experience of wholeness produces a search for wholeness that will leave us feeling incomplete.”  To be sure, I have the right mat, the right training, and all the tools (including modification), memberships, time at my discretion now to make a daily practice possible, and yet I seek more or differently.

Today’s reading is the whole enchilada.  It a reminder that less is more and that grasping is exactly that–grasping.  And there is no need.  It is the commitment and application of presence that fuels love–a focus of the heart.  I look to no more than the simple investment of silent affirmations on the onset of moving stillness.  We posses entirety. What could be bigger than Love?


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