Eternal and ephemeral


Day 259 – Today’s reading is about the “distinct, positive physiological effects” of pranayama.  I think it is sort of ironic that I sought yoga from an emotional place and pranayama from a physical need because the two really go hand-and-hand.  Rolf writes: “It is said that the breath is the bridge between body and spirit.”  And, so, for me, it is. Moreover, the opening quote, describes how this occurs:   “The breath, like though, is discontinuous. It comes and goes.  By focusing on the pause between breaths, you open an awareness of stillness, which lies behind and between each breath and thought.” That pause, that stillness, that all encompassing eternal and yet ephemeral place is presence to one’s true being and the essence of all.  Thus, it is just a nice way to start the day in that stillness.

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