A complex spiritual instrument


Day 264 – The Sufi perspective of the human body is that it is a “complex spiritual instrument.”  Rolf describes how this is inline with yogic understanding in that our body is only our “outermost sheath, or level of embodiment” of seven, in a similar way that the brain has three aspects:  physical, emotional and intellectual.  Rolf writes:  “The light body, as it is described in the Sufi tradition, corresponds to the breath sheath in the yogic tradition.”  So, our breathing is more than just an exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide; there is “a parallel energy flow in our light body occurring.”

I woke up earlier than usual to see Nina off to her first day on the job at Starbucks as an opener (yes, five a.m.).  Continuing with my intention to pacify and cultivate this unresolved wild energy from the eclipse to the back-to-school nonsense to the news, I practiced a pranayama/yin combination for a good hour session and, upon finishing, I contemplated how rigidly we hold on too much annoyance, as well as the feelings of constant assault from things beyond our control.  I’d not forgotten this during my hour, but only brought my awareness to my breath, as Rolf describes, as it “calms and focuses the mind and quiets our bodily reaction, harmonizing the body and mind with the intention of spirit.”

There are just so many, many different layers of our existence in the world, and so, it is nice to know when my mind pops in and out of righteous indignation and self-talk that is not supportive and to my highest purpose, that I can go back to the breath.  Rolf describes this today, writing:  “Our bodies react to what our minds are telling them…At the same time, though, our witness is able to observe all of this and to send the intention of calm and deliberate breathing.”  The human body is, indeed, a complex spiritual instrument.

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