The Seriousness of the Work Week


The wise man lets go of all results, whether good or bad, and is focused on the action alone.

-Bhagavad Gita (opening quote)

Day 273 – I am amazed how a social and long weekend has brought in the seriousness of this work week.  Welcome to Tuesday, the new Monday.  Inevitably, we sit on the path of Irma, and even though I have changed my morning and all of its habits, I, too, like Rolf, “found that my mind, my attitudes, and my beliefs were just as distorted, rigid, pain filled and unloved as my body was.”  Irma, more than pre-calc, brings the slowness of the process of “unraveling my mental, emotional, and spiritual knots” into the forefront.  I feel panicked and short on time (and money).  My mind cries out, “Buy supplies, hunker down, board up!” and yet, here I am, going off to work.

Rolf’s suggestion is to keep on practicing.  He beckons us to do this through good days and bad days, and with our difficulties sticking to a schedule.  In this way, I stepped on to my mat with my heart and soul and mind and breath in that moment, if only for 15 minutes.  I breathed as I let go of my mind, attitudes, and beliefs, which amazingly return within a nanosecond.   I do find as time goes by that I tend to let what will be, be. Irma will come, we shall prepare to be safe, and Irma will go.  Right action is staying present, not wishing something away.  Still, it is remarkable and disconcerting the dialogue that plays out as I step off my mat and into the seriousness of the work week.

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