Volition and subtleties


Pranayama, like the preceding three limbs of yoga, is in fact a study in subtlety in relationship, nondoing in doing, inaction in action.  What we are learning as we bring our attention to the our breath is the difference between intention and control.

-Rolf Gates, Meditations from the Mat, p. 318 of 428 (Kindle edition)

Day 275 – I imagine on this day wheter “there is much to do, and there is an element of volition,” that, like pranayama, breathing without effort is made more difficult.  Indeed, “herein lies the practice.”  As we prepare for Irma, I think this might be my last blog for a bit, my last reflection on page (or computer, as it is).  I began, like pranayama, “with a clear intention,” preparing for Irma.  And tomorrow, like pranayama, I “let go and watch the universe respond.”

Rolf’s words so poignant tonight after a practice with Nina in a clean living room (our safe spot) resonate and calm me.  The practice, too, resonates and calms me.  Rolf writes:  “As we follow the breath, observing our vacillation between control and surrender, we learn to ride the breath, to experience the breath, to follow instead of lead.”  All I can do is follow where Irma leads.  So, too, Rolf adds:  “In our fear we believe we must make things happen; in our practice we learn to let things happen.”  Be safe, my friends.  Be safe.

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