Lying on the floor, practicing pranayama exercises, we perceive both the turbulence of our minds and the eternal stillness underneath.

-Rolf Gates, Meditation from the Math:  Daily Reflection on the Path of Yoga

Day 282 – The threshold I stand on is an ancient one.  It is one I have visited and revisited many times in my life with wonder and reverence.  I think of the caves of Circe, the temple at Selununte, the small sacred space of Mithras on the Janiculum, the maze of adorned halls with doors in every direction at the Vatican, the doors in the catacomb (underneath a busy Roman intersection).  All the places I have travelled and all the places I haven’t.  Ancient doors.  We walk in the footsteps of our ancestors.  There is nothing new here and yet, everything is new.  Rolf asks us today to “wake up, live fully, be grateful, and share what…[we] have found.”


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