Practice pathway.


“Instead of stretching my hamstrings, I become still, enter the inner body, and then explore what wants to happen in that quiet space.” (Loc 197)

Kino MacGregor, The Yogi Assignment

Day 297 – I did a 15 minute practice with Rod Stryker on yogaglo this morning to up my energy.  I have some monumental tasks to finish at school today (without the students) and some vicious errands to run.  I crave a little down time, but I suppose I have already had that a bit this weekend with the rest I was afforded.  Chicken broth was the remedy I need.  I woke up feeling like I could sustain a practice with postures and movement.

Today’s reading is about craving.  Inundated with news and deadlines, Rolf returns to “action steps” to continue his writing and lessen his craving.  He writes:  “As I took actions that give meaning to my life, my resistance to life lessened.”  Each day, returning to my life, I am able to lessen my resistance to what life unexpectedly (and expectedly) offers me.  Like Rolf, there is depressing world news, inconvenient civil and local truths, and just plain terrible circumstances for some of my students.  Nonetheless, I return to my mat, even though I am craving a later hour of the day, a little less activity around me, a sandy beach, etc.  Rolf shows us that “when we are craving, we are withdrawing from our life.”  Indeed, “our practice is a pathway back.”

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