Preserve substance; modify form; know the difference.

-Dee Hock

Day 302 – After a weekend of fun and inadequate and inappropriate sleep and nutrition, albeit a worthwhile diversion from pre-calc and routine, I settled into a 60 minute asana session to calm my nerves and stretch my overly exerted muscles, which are super sore from Thursday and Friday’s return to crossfit.  I had no blockages to the amount or quality of my session and it was quite lovely, as well as profound.  It is amazing at the return of abundance and health when one can completely let go.  Indeed, Rolf conveys this in today’s reading, describing pratyahara as “showing up; it’s letting go of the past and the future and being here now; it’s letting grace happen.”  It is also, he adds, “being clear in your intention to grow.”

As I read TVS Desisachar’s The Heart of Yoga and contemplate Rolf Gates’s tremendous wisdeom in the Meditations from the Mat:  Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, it is like my teacher-light has been lit again in every way imaginable.  I am simply blown away by the little tip of the iceberg of traditional yogic philosophy and ease at which it appeared.  Of this, Rolf writes:  “Keeping it simple is knowing this, accepting this, and acting on it.”  Indeed, pratyahara is all about action.

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