Distraction, Grace, and Direction


Fearlessly accept the reality; then fearlessly set about transforming what needs to change.

Elena Brower

Day 304 – As I move from habits of distraction to habits of direction on the mat, I have great moments of clarity that all at once are gone.   I reflect and attempt to embody some of that clarity of direction into the classroom and into teaching and, well, into life, but I falter.  Rolf writes of this, explaining:  “In life, it [this process] is a lot scarier.  We have the habit of doing what our family, culture, friends, and spouse think is right, and we have to train ourselves, instead, to listen to our own heart.”  Further, he explains how “letting go of our habit of acting out of fear,” is particularly difficult.

I feel sometimes I’m a GoT’s actress on the Night Watch:  You said the words.  Intention and intuition are strange bedfellows, and I know nothing of grace, John Snow.  When I look at all the love that surrounds me, I try not to think of me when it comes to what or where I want to go, and I am always fearful that my situation, my life, can take a turn for the worse at any moment.

Rolf describes grace, writing:  “What I have witnessed, experienced myself, and learned from the experiences of others through the ages is that the love that wished you into existence will never let you go.”  This is not grace to me, but hope, for life will surely happen.  I’m not sure what a fearless life looks like, but I do think transformation of fear into hope is imperative in this process.  But, yes, distraction…

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