walls and trees.

your task

“Alone in a stand of trees I coul feel a vibrant presence that felt like an answer bigger than any question I knew how to ask.”

Day 43, “Trees,” Meditations on Intention and Being, Rolf Gates

Day 337 – When we move into a fearless place, Rolf writes, the foundation is love.  “Without love,” Rolf states, “technique become an empty exercise devoid of spiritual content or energetic potency.”  So, too, he continues, “without love we will fatigue, lose interest, lose heart.”  Conversely, with love, “all our efforts, all the days we walk out into the unknown [will] make sense.”

This idea that love is all is not at all revolutionary, but presents 99% of my personal problem.  Why is it so hard to give myself entirely to another without fear?  What real and present danger does learning and school present?  In the quiet of my house, I can devote a beautiful hour to dance, yoga, pranayama, and meditation, but I cannot lift myself from my frustration and anger over public school to love again?  In camping, I can find clarity with my love and walk along the old Earth with soft and present feet, full of awe and love, but can I do the same when I return?  I feel like I spend so much time tearing down the very walls I have built up in my imagination.

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