Instinctive cooperation


Nature’s real beneficence is found not in “random acts of kindness” patronizingly meted out to the web of life but in an ordered dispensation wherein all things touch, meet, and mingle.  Kindness, for nature, does not mean the cozy preservation of one life at the expense of all; it is an instinctive cooperation with the larger web of life.  

-Caitlyn Matthews, The Celtic Spirit:  Daily Meditations on the Turning Year

Day 346 – Samadhi, the eighth and final limb in the readings, is “ecstatic oneness,” which is for the majority of us, according to Rolf, “in and of itself…simply a pleasant reality, like a good blueberry muffin.”  Where do you find your samadhi?  To which, Rolf answers, explaining how the lesson of samadhi, is through self-forgetting.

In today’s Celtic reader, the idea of kindness of Nature, of which humans are most certainly a part, but not the whole of, adds to this reading because love is all.  Simple kindnesses, simple pleasures, simple moments where one is present in only the moment and there is “self-forgetting,” that is definitely samadhi.  Let’s make love and kindness parts of Nature’s “instinctive cooperation with the larger web of life.”

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