O Captain, My Captain

fall in love

We come to know that we are like the river, finding its fulfillment by vanishing into the ocean.

-Rolf Gates, Meditations from the Mat

Day 348 – Today’s reading about a spiritual path, which is “something in us [which] knows that we are not just here to toil at our work.”  What is this pull to remember about?  Rolf explains how the results are not material, but rather emotional, psychic, and spiritual, writing:  “We work to become at ease in our own skin, to become more loving, to understand.”

Along the way, we discover paradoxes.  Rolf enumerates and fleshed these out in today’s reading.  The first paradox is in the remembering that we are who we have always been, spiritually so to speak.  Rolf outlines this as:  “Our many loves have been with the one love, the love beneath all loves.”  The second paradox is that we need to love everyone, or “business as usual will not work” in that “to better ourselves, we must stop thinking of ourselves.”

Meditations was written long before our nation elected a president with no moral compass from which to navigate the ocean.  It was written long before the death of public education, the selling of our nation’s beautiful public lands to the highest bidder, the massive deregulation which will open the door to pave our planet and clog our air with unmitigated physical, spiritual, emotional, psychic pollution.

I woke up today feeling old and tired.  My heart aches.

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