Estatic Oneness


The art of spiritual navigation is one that few are taught in our era…the chief aid to our personal exploration is our own spiritual practice.  In our meditation, in our prayerful listening, in our silent attunement, we derive a good deal of navigational information. Most of this will likely go unnoticed if we do not record and correlate it.

“Spiritual Navigation,” The Celtic Spirit, Caitlyn Matthews

Day 354 – With a mere 10 days until the end of Meditations from the Mat, I am finding the readings difficult to reflect upon, being that samadhi is not a state I hit most often.  Even yesterday, falling asleep in the backyard in the sun, where I usually experience clarity and sheer relaxation, I have been far of the experience of ecstatic oneness for quite a while.  I’ve been carefully tending to my days, trying to get the right balance of nutrients, rest, and fun, and stay healthy, but I’ve been plagued by a few too many headaches of late.  I’m just not feeling estatic oneness in any way, shape, or form.

However, in reflecting upon the last time I read this passage, I realize that I am often in this position of unknowing limbo, where “ecstatic oneness” eludes me and my life feels harried.  I have often been resting and recovering from injury to the body, mind, and soul, and perhaps this latest episode of a headache is my body and spirit’s way of telling me I am still doing way too much.

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