“Nothing releases like forgive. Nothing renews like forget.”

― Ray A. Davis

Day 357 – We come to prayer.  We come to our yoga mats.  We come to crossfit.  We come to walk in Nature.  We come to our churches, temples, driver’s seat in the car, our beds, our bathtubs and showers, our park benches by the lake.  We come.  We come to places that are indifferent to our suffering and, yet, empathetic to it also, because these places hear our call.

Today’s reading is about kama, the enjoyment of life, and yoga’s part in this; it is one mysterious answer to why we come.  Rolf explains this, writing:  “The information we encounter in yoga is our own.  Yoga does not enhance or diminish us, it simply reflects us back to ourselves as we are.”  He goes on to describe his own lessons on the mats (well, duh, because that’s what Meditations is all about) as to not take anything personally, least of all himself, and to let go.

Whether we teach others to come or come to our mats on our own to follow others, we come scattered, and in places where we gather, there are many different stories echoing within and without.  However, when all is said and done, after our experience connecting with our body, breath, and rhythms, we usually leave experiencing joy.  It is taking the next step in returning this joy back to the universe.

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