“Whenever we find ourselves ensnared in negative behavior…we should increase the amount of time, thought, and energy we direct toward positive behavior.”

Rolf Gates, Meditations from the Mat

Day 5 – What was it like when I took my first breath?  What was it like on my first day as a mother?  What was it like on my first understanding of being in love?  What was it like on my first experience as a teacher?  Beginnings are so wonderful.  They are magical, scary moments in time.  Our first breath when a new world awakens.

To live in this world

you must be able 

to do three things:

to love what is mortal;

to hold it

against your bones knowing

your own life depends on it;

and where the time comes to let it go,

to let it go.

“Blackwater Woods,” Mary Oliver

Because I so often ask the question of what in fuck’s name is going on with the world, let me change the question.  How can I be helpful?  What is beautiful today? Who am I thankful for in my life?

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