Right Action

Do right


“The truth is, a single right action has a tremendously positive effect–and a series of interconnected right actions will cause your life to become unrecognizable in a hurry.”

-Rolf Gates, Meditations from the Mat:  Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga

Day 29 – Today, Rolf writes of and with certainty:  “We believe that it’s better to reenact an old pattern whose results we know than to sit with a situation until something new arises.”  So, today, I sat down, following a brief yoga practice, and meditated.  When you are in pain, physical or emotional, the difficulty lies in focusing one’s mind on any one task without worry or some other constant disruption to intended action or task.  It is in my quiet moments of the morning that clarity comes and the space and stillness of this time helps me jump into each new day.  It is time to step back on the mat. It is time to begin anew.

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