40 Day Detox Program – Day 1

Day 1 of the 40 Day Detox with Green Diet & Kundalini Yoga Program starts with a focus on detoxing the liver. For the next week, I will be working on cleansing the liver. Having already begun the free version 40 Day Weight Loss Challenge (available on Youtube) and progressed to Day 28, I kind of know the set-up of the program. The challenge also helped me become more familiar with kundalini, but familiarity is not completely necessary to begin the 40 Day Detox Program.

Before going into this forty day commitment, I took stock of my strengths and goals. I would love to lose a few pounds, but gently. I also know that my body cannot sustain high-energy, high-impact, intense exercise and low-carb eating and completely heal. I go hard all the time. I know that I have physical damage and imbalances from years of dieting, exercising, and giving into stressful work routines. I turn to this program, in addition to a moderately light ashtanga set (sun salutations and basic primary postures) along with kundalini.

Kundalini taps into the emotional and spiritual imbalances, and oddly enough, I feel great when I finish a practice. I feel like my hormones and thyroid are “reset” and a sense of calmness and peace after practice. I have created a great morning routine and space for yoga over the past 2 years, and will continue to cultivate this space wherever we might move.

Day 1 was not too challenging. Laying on the side with the right leg up followed by wheel (or “bridge,” in my case) was moderately easy, as was folding over and going from sitting to standing (because I did it without arms yesterday in Day 27 of the KWLC). Nonetheless, I feel lighter (30 minutes following) and more mindful. I did feel a little dizzy and nauseous after practicing. I figure that was the sugar and crap I ate a few days ago being moved along.

I hope you won’t take offense, but I would like to be helpful in reviewing this program, so I will just say that these practices (I began the day with a cup of lemon water followed by my sadhana–daily practice) really move the elimination process along. Although I am fairly regular any way whether I’m following keto, paleo, or green protocols, since beginning the KWLC, I eliminate almost immediately following practice. TMI – It’s a good solid dump.

I have been working on a vegetarian “green” eating change for about 28 days now, but the only thing I haven’t given up is coffee. I’ve marginally cut out chocolate. When I do eat meat, it’s either feast or famine; in other words, I eat my normal meal (i.e., amount), which is pretty substantial, or I eat about 3 ounces, which tides me over. Giving up meat is difficult, as will be coffee. I’ve cut back on my coffee over the past couple of weeks, although I am really tired. I know I can a few kriya to help energize me or drink some water.

So, here’s to the next 40 days!

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