Day 113 – Today’s reading was still about avidya and Rolf uses the allegory of us being in a dark room with hot stoves, where “we slowly come to understand the nature of our predicament.” The lesson here is coming to know ourselves, to hear “that solitary voice, the voice that is urgin us to turn on the light and see for ourselves.”
Rolf continues: “The hot stoves are the pain that we mistake for pleasure, the impure that we believe to be pure, the impermanent that we mistake for permanent, the things outside ourselves that we allow to define us.” Yoga helps us with this understanding. Rolf writes about this truth that “matieralism is a lie, that we are spiritual beings with spiritual problems, and that we need spiritual solutions.”
Today’s Women’s Rally was amazing, affirming, inspiring. Slowly, these words of Rolf, of the Sutras, of my teachers, slowly these words sink in. It is often hard to see the forest for the trees. I feel the need to just slow down.

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