Day 123 – Peace. Rolf begins with the suggestion to “try telling yourself not to think of something for an hour or a day, and you’ll see that what we resist persists.” Persistant thoughts, not happy ones, surround me.

Suffering. Rolf writes: “Or freedom begins when we accept the fact of our conditioning. We have been conditioned by past actins and experiences to want some things and not to want some things.” I don’t want Donald Trump for President. I want things to remain certainly uncertain and imperfect with a more liberal or moderate person in that post. I want my legs and hips to move again without pain and into positions and postures and movements which they used to be able to do.

Buck it up. Rolf’s advice yesterday resonates: “In order to face, ragea the attachment to pleasure, in our lives, we must face th certainties in which we have sought refuge.” I must face the fact that this body is not youthful in the way it once was and that pain is part of inflammatory response.
Yoga. Rolf ends today with the idea that “yoga happens when we are unmoved by our conditioning and the desires that come with it.” I feel stuck, but I’ll keep practcing.

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