Day 125 – “Power is derived from the power of our attention.”
The best reflection on aversion and opposition to everyday America and work and life (in almost every aspects) is found in the pages of Rolf’s work: Meditations from the Mat. The grind and pressure of the political and global circus are numbing, chilling, horrifying, ironic, consuming, etc. We can choose to lock ourselves away, shun away from those things that constantly remind us (like me and this reflection), we can grab it by the balls and yell at it, we can cripple ourselves, declare a million things, etc. In short, the only way for me to put it in the place it needs to be is go through it, recognize it for what it is (“stuff” that’s always been there), and not dwell in it.
Facebook is an interesting phenomena in that I watch my friends and family go through the same emotional/psychological cycle of aversion and opposition. The aversion is what Rolf is talking about today–how aversion can become desirous addiction. He writes: “Place your attention on something, and it grows in your life. Take your attention away from something, and it fades away.” Thanks to the Internet, it is so easy to be drawn into it all. On the dangerous, yet sometimes necessary, side (which I know) things, “alive in our unwavering attention…can become like the bucket and broom in the tale of the sorcerer’s apprentice.” Fantastical stories. This is not to say they are unimportant or there is no lesson in them. On the other side, through yoga, we become “alive in the presence of an unwavering attention [so that] our bodies achieve their profound potentional.” Yes! Rolf explains: “The power of asaana [is] the systeamtic bringing of attention to our bodies, to the state of our minds, to the moment of hand.”
The solution is simple–even though “long before we act on on addictive impulse, our attention has given the object of our dsire power in our lives.” Change a bad habit by finding a good habit to replace it and “shift your focus.” Yogi Bhajan said, “If you want to bring change into your life, start now.”

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