The Long Walk Back (Home)

Day 136 – In this reading, Rolf relates the essence of true yoga practice (in my opinion), which is the “long walk back.” For him, the fear that separated him from himself, from God, and from others” separated him from his body, too. He writes: “As long as I was practicing to get somewhere, I was not able to understand where I was.”
Last time I read this I was struck by much the same realization as Rolf–that, through my teaching, “watching my students struggle” with this goal to get somewhere, these readings and my own process of awareness slowly begins to shift into “the exploration of stillness in action.”
Rolf describes this long walk back on the mat as “remembering my feet in a posture where my focus is elsewhere, learning to delight in the how and when as opposed to the why.” This alone is so powerful: this learning to be calm and still in action, “vibrantly alive in stillness.” This is our long walk back home.

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