Truth pressed to the earth

Day 137 – T.S. Eliot is quoted today: “Hell is the place where nothing connects.” Rolf writes: “We come to the mat fresh from a culture that teaches us that safety is found in separation and disconnection.” This reading is perfect for today’s world, where fear predominates the media. At best, we try to desensitize ourselves to what is happening or excuse it, as if “we believe what happens to one gener doesnt affect the other.”
Rolf pulls out all the stops. He quotes MLK regarding the disconnection we ignore, suppress, avoid, etc.: Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote: “Truth pressed to the earth will rise again.” In fact, our unwillingness to recognize our inherent connection resolves in, as Rolf puts it, “intolerable tension,” and that tension is rife in our bodies. We come to our mat with a “catalogue of inadequacies” and “devalued bodies.” Our culture would have us keep it that way, too.
Throgh practice, we ecome integrated once again with ourselves and a higher purpose. We are connected.

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