Day 146 – I got out of bed really late today, setting my alarm after t he first ring for 25 minutes later. I knew this would prevent me from doing much more than a 5 minute practice, but I needed the sleep with the long day approaching. My body is sore. I’ve had a nasty catch in my midback for three days now (since Sunday). I go right from school (a long day because of testing and meetings) to my last gifted course (every Wednesday for 2 months). I probably needed a longer practice, but I settled into a few familiar and comfortable postures (Happy baby, reclined pigeon, shavasana).

Today’s reading is about the subconsciousness and the connection to a higher or parallel intelligence with the quieting of the mind. Rolf’s suggestions is to approach our mats “with the same intentionality that we would bring to the meditation cushion.” This reading is perhaps the first that gives words to the connection I feel with my body and divinity in most exercise, movement, dance, etc. He writes: “We must see that our movements, like the quieting of the mind, have the potential to access an intelligence…[and] connection to this intelligence, the wisdom of evolution, will gradually deepen as we cultivate it day after day in our practice.” There really is something to a daily practice, however, short, that makes us more than just a vessel. Yoga practice, among many other forms of movement and/or stillness, makes us a conduit.

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