Beginner’s Mindset

Day 147 – Today I settled into a Yoga International practice (I do a lot of workshops with this site, which used to be a magazine many years ago). This subscription is pretty expensive monthly ($18), but it offers a sorts of yoga practices and schools to study about and practices to do. It’s a little scholastic and clinical (in my opinion) than yogaglo and less flashy and “Hollywood” than gaiam, but there’s so much abundance of wisdom. Yesterday, I became intrigued by the Forrest method. The teacher on YI is Lola Repham (anyone heard of her?). Here is a link to one of her videos on her webite. She’s pretty phenomenal (much more exploration needed).
Anyway, I practiced a wake-up practice for 10-min. for achy joints (with another instructor) and then explored the Forrest foundational movements–stuff I know but don’t always practice mindfully. I love stepping back into the beginner’s mindset lately in everything I do from dance, to crossfit, to yoga, even to teaching. Things just look differently.
Likewise, today’s reading was illuminating and timely. Rolf’s advice in this short read was “Let your practice be a means to discover your fullness…let your practice be about giving–give of your heart, give of your spirit, give of your virtue.” When you are a beginner, truly embracing something as new, you discover there are no short cuts. You must bring your all to practice, as Rolf suggests. You must “be vulnerable, be sad, be happy, be made, but be there.”



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