Don’t have to live like a (yoga) refugee.

Day 156 – Today, Rolf speaks of karma and our limiting beliefs of ourselves and our predicament. He notes that everyone, generation after generation, is confronted by the same human problem, conflict, etc. He writes: “The only thing that changes is how we write about it.” Indeed. Thus, therein, lies the solution to the age-old predicament–how we write about it or rewrite it in our own lives.
Rolf writes: “The asana are our opportunity to deconstruct the refugee dynamic in our lives. On the mat, again and again, we enounter our limiting beliefs: we must do this, we can’t do that.” Up against a wall with my own limiting beliefs about aging, pain, and quality of life, I have begun to do Turbofire again, and I mean all of it, which used to come so easily. I follow with a hearty yoga practice: yin, restorative, hatha, vinyasa, etc. In this way, I am doing how Rolf suggests, writing: “Identify one limiting belief that you can act out on your mat every day.”
My limiting belief is that I will never enjoy the ease of movement and joy of dance again, so I am working toward that. I hold this in my heart and encounter it in my thoughts–“without judgment or trying to change it.” I am making spce in my awareness so that in some small way it will no longer be limiting but just a passing thought.

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