Dharma and Artha

Day 157 – Rolf shows us how asana teaches us skillfulness in life. He writes of the “steadiness and sweetness” of a headstand (theoretically, right?) and how “we are not overly invested in either the sweetness or steadiness, we are simply steady and sweet; giving and receiving.”
Thus, too, in our daily lives, “we attend to our responsibilities, out duties, our spiriual practice, our worklife, our relationships. This is dharma; it is the being steady, it is the giving…we are honest in our dealings with others, ensuring that we are fair and being fairly treated. We take action on our own behalf, seeing to it that we are living our dreams and being adequately compensated for the good that we do. This is artha; it is being sweet, it is receiving.” In the same way, Rolf shows us, that we are not overly invested in either the sweetness or the steadiness of daily lives and “giving and receiving occur simultaneously.”
The undercurrent in this reading is the balance created by not being overly invested in either the sweetness or the steadiness so that life (and a posture) will be “effortless and focused.” This is a beautiful passage to start the week. Let me be both sweet and steady, effortless and focused.
With Day 3 of TurboFire underway, I added on a simple Yoga practice from Beachbody with Vytas.  Love ❤ him, but hardly ever do Udaya practices anymore.  It was a beginning practice and I get so much more out of it.  It is exactly this–steady and sweet.   Not without challenge, but I enjoy the simplicity and rudimentary nature to find balance once again.

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