The perfect science of beginnings

Day 158 – The reading today is about working perfectly with a tranquil and calm mind. Rolf points out how, for him, pranayama calms and focuses his mind prior to asana. Each day I prepare for my “real” work at school (and as a mom and wife) with a yoga practice, however short. It is an important part of teh day. Reently, I began Turbofire again with many modifications for my knee. It’s like starting from scratch, and I have to say, as hard as it is, I am really, really enjoying it. It has made work better and my mind better and I have to have foot massages (so you could say it is improving my marriage). As a careful and observant beginner, I am doing the thing suggested–making “a science of beginnings.” In this way, I am staring “to become conscious” of my state of mind as I assume all the postures of my day and life.

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