A Pause in Beginning

Day 159 – Most days, I would find this reading very inspirational. I don’t know if today is somehow different in that I let myself sleep in until 4:50 a.m. (for a rest day) or that my reverence for the practice was slapped sideways by a verbal-someone in my household, or that I settled for a 20-min. practice Coleen Saidman, who is somewhat austere and regal. Today’s reading is about starting practice in an intentional way which will “permeate the rest of your life.” As I read this passage after my practice today (probably another reason), my intention was set at the end of the practice. I was very attention seeking today, needing a release so badly. I wasn’t thinking of divinity; let alone aligning with the divine.
I’ve been doing some pilates along with Turbofire and my abs are sore. It’s a good feeling, a familiar feeling. Today was a rest day (and it probably will be for CF, too). My body aches, but in a good, you’ve-done-a-lot, kind of way. I didn’t think it was a good idea to do anything out on the porch this morning, mainly because I’m so low impact that I get cold without the type of movement I used to do in the old days. Yep, today, is definitely a rest day. In this way, I suppose, there was, as Rolf suggests, “a pause in my beginnings.” And, in that, yes, I am reminded of the “thousands of other times I have paused before, of the now countless moments of deep connection, of their beauty, and of my place in the universe.”

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