Bombardment and Space and Things Like That

Day 160 – The past week’s post have been about being “firm and relaxed, steady and sweet, effortless and focused.” Rolf asks us today: “Where do these words lead?” In our world of the bombardment of sensations, we become reactive and “clear seeing becoes an ipossibility, skillfunness in action irrelevant.” We react to the red light (Rolf’s example) “in the moment, out of the tangle of past experiences.” Our yoga practice, therefore, can oppose this condition. We quiet our mind, the body, and the spirit. We practice “firm and relaxed,” “steady and sweet,” and effortless and focused,” and “see what happens.”
Today, after a short TF workout, I followed with 20 minutes or so of yoga, a few sun salutations, some postures of strength and balance, and a short-seated pranayama, meditating on these, creating space for the long day ahead. With the last day before spring break left in school, report cards, and a volleyball tournie, it will probably be somewhat overstimulating. Volleyball, alone, is overstimulating. Today, I will look for length in my spine, space in my breath and mind, and sweet steadiness as I work and play.

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