Day 163 – The opening quote is so gorgeous and is by one of Rolf’s students. In coming to yoga, the student was told he didn’t breathe enough or deeply enough. He held this as a metaphor that, indeed, in his life, he was going through the motions of living. Rolf writes here: “The asana are a series of controlled experiments in reinhabitating our bodies.” He even describes this “going through the motions” as “somewhere, along the line, our bodies have fallen asleep, our somas are dusty and grown over with vines. The asana are like the prince who comes to awaken the sleeping princess, breathing life back into lifeless limbs.”
Today, of all days, I reflect on all these things encapsulated in this reading. First, I woke up at 7 o’clock, reluctant to climb out of my bed to take my thyroid medicine and do TurboFire before my fasting blood test. It was warm, I’m still sore, yada, yada, yada. Fred actually gave me a little push and I rose, put on several layers (it’s cold), wrapped my knee, and pushed PLAY. I shook my booty and flailed my arms for a good half-hour, showered, and then headed off to the doctor’s office. I felt great. I mean, GREAT. Of course, I ache, but my head is clear, my body is sore appropriately so, and I have a hunger and enthusiasm for stuff I haven’t had in such a LONG time. I’m excited about going camping tomorrow. I’m just excited about a lot of things. It is true that this past year has been like a slow “reinhabitation” of my body.

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