Day 167 – Today’s reading is very practical (especially for a Monday, the first after spring break). The opening quote is equally marvelous: “It is easier to act yourself way into a better way of feeling, than to feel yourself into a better way of action.” Rolf points out that it is “our tendency to retreat from spiritual practice in times of acute stress” and that we should build “time for practice into a difficult week or challenging day,” as well (and probably the most paramount) as also “taking right action when…[we are] not at all in the mood.”
Last night I worked out like I did in the old days and then I went for a walk around Lake Davis with Fred, my mind and body humming with good, healthy activities of camping and hiking. My new medicines are definitely working–I feel like I did some years ago (maybe 5?). It seems completely pointless to me to have insurance that doesn’t pay for the alternative medicines that make me feel whole again. My joints feel so much better right now and I feel so grateful to be able to get up and move with modification and do the things I loved so much before my feet, knees, hips, and heart hurt so.
Rolf states at the end of this reading: “You don’t hae to excel, you don’t have to worry about the implications of not excelling, you just need to use the system.” Whether it is yoga, Turbofire, running, dance, etc., it is just nice to let go into the system and be embraced and supported by it and all the community that loves it also.

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