Day 154 – Today, Rolf writes about and as the learning man. He states: “Even on my worst days, as I trudge through my practice, I experience new levels of suppleness, balance, focus, and strength.” I keep wondering, skeptically, if this will hold true if he is older, stiffer, injured? This makes me ask what I learned today in my Friday morning practice (yin) as I tried not to wiggle and squirm, first trudging across the house to get my bolster and another blanket, then modifying because my knees are stiff today. I was definitely not into it today at all, but feel better because of it. What did I learn today? Well, I learned that I tried not to wiggle and squirm and the need to trudge across the house to get another bolster and another blanket. My knees feel thus, so modify. Who cares? It’s my practice. Don’t judge yourself (or others). Be kind to yourself on a Friday morning. Be kind to others when you are not feeling your best.

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