Back to the Mat

Day 174 – “Our spiritual exploration of this life begins with our bodies. We start right where we are. We end our wars with our bodies, and we begin the practice of love.”
The hardest part of my life is finding balance; I can slowly feel myself spin out of control or get sick or become overly emotional. With a switch of medicine, however, subtle, I feel my hormones rage. I can’t put my finger on it, but I know the new combination is either too strong or one component isn’t right for me. I feel aggressive and I become enraged and emotional quickly and I can watch myself do this. I have an increased anxiety this week. What’s different from this week from the last? My schedule is busier, I know, but what?
Today, I did a half-hour calming yoga practice and some stretching for my sore muscles that I have overtaxed this week and last (maybe that contributes). I’ve been very tired again. I’m trying to cut calories a bit and balance out my eating, choosing healthy combinations. I’ve been trying to get more sleep, but probably get less with the earlier hour I’m up to exercise. I’ve chosen easier exercise routines–today, yoga; yesterday, nothing and I slept late. I can’t put my finger on my dis-ease, but I know that there’s something a little off kilter. I felt great two weeks ago. Now, I go from antsy to tired.
I don’t know how to go about ending the war with my body that I did not start. All I know how to do is go back to the mat to work on the spiritual side of my body and my mind when sleep, food, exercise, and medicine aren’t aligning my chakras.

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