Day 176 – Today’s reading was about satya, truth. Rolf categorizes humility into satya, and without it we reside in our fear. Once we are honest, we can simultaneously let go of the fear “that has made us obscure our truth and the strain of presenting a false self to the world.”
This reading makes sense following a reading on ahisma. Some ways that lack of humility and dishonesty play out on our mat are seen in people’s resistance to props, as Rolf points out, calling this a “distain.” I have been guilty of this also and whose ego doesn’t get them to try something labeled “advanced?” It was only through my personal practice that I encountered this and through my injuries that persisted and persisted.
Rolf writes: “Under the delusions of grandeur lurks the certainty of mediocrity.” We try to fit into the postures, rather than have the postures fit us, and we miss the beauty of the process of asana, which Rolf says offers us “inexahustible supply of opportunities to go back to square one, to develop humility.”
Rolf continues, writing that as we mature into an authentic being, that the asana reinforces this. We are in part divinity and in part earthly and “before we leave this short life, we must give of our truth.”

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