Day 177 – Rolf tells us the story of one of his yoga students today. She describes how many of us feel: “When I didn’t have sight of my soul, or true being, I was not existing on all levels–physical, spiritual, emotional, mental.” Asana practice helped her balance on all four levels. Rolf goes further and states that the attunement to the moement and to the real that is required by our yoga practice does not leave us when we leave the mat” if we are living satya, or truthfulness. He also reminds us that progess will not be without trials and, as in the case of his student, “commitment to daily practice offsets the hardships” we encounter.
As I awake to a long work and play day, this is the type of reading I need to see that I am okay right where I’m at, doing just what I’m doing today, a slow moving yoga class focused on the spine and realignment and integration of gentle core.

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