Ebb and Flow

Day 184 – Today’s reading is about the physical reality of the central nervous system with a little bit of metaphor thrown in–great for the English teacher! Through consistent practice we experience a new sense of physiclity and new ways of thinking. Rolf references this as the central nervous system informing the cells and the cells informing the central nervous system where information flows back and forth like a tide, without hierarchy, separation, or a moment where a “man in the white coat and the ltters next to his name says, ‘This is true, this is not true.'”
Rolf reiterates that in our bodies there is “only the real–your truth, perceived in the moment and heard in your soul.” He describes asana as a “dance of the real, a dance with our truth.” Today, a short 15-minute easy flow showed this truth to me. I marvel at what I an do these days, and I am well-familiar with the things my body doesn’t do at this moment, but who knows?
And, of course, my mantra is #letgo. Here, on my mat, I let go of expectations of how I might feel afterward or during, even what posture I can actually do or how long the practice is. The challenge, I suppose, is if the tide isn’t ebbing and flowing (the metaphor of the central nervous system), but here I am this morning, practicing. And in that, I see that the ocean continues to ebb and flow, just as it physically did yesterday at the beach, and will in my body. It is just a matter of clearing away some of the driftwood, sea weed, and ocean debris to set up space.

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